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Hi, I'm Brittany

Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach for Women

The Britt behind Britt Fit. I’m a fitness advocate who first began my journey a little over six years ago when my husband and I first got married and searched for a hobby we could share.


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This chic walks the walk and planks the plank!! Gift yourself and feel the burn that keep on burning!!

Loved the full body HIIT workout! Burned major calories and my abs are SORE today! 🥵💪🏼 can’t wait to try your legs/booty workout!

My calves are still on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥from Monday!!! I’ve been telling everyone to sign up!!! 💪🏽. I love that we had fun but still got in a great sweat 😓 sesh!!!!

Britts workouts have been amazing. As a mom I’m able to have a kick butt workout and watch my kids at the same time.
She’s definitely getting my 🍑 in shape for summer and targeting the spots I need extra help with. 🙌🙌


Introducing Britt Fit

Sore today...

     Strong Tomorrow.

Britt Fit is an online and in-person, personal trainer.


Britt Fit on the Go


I tell you what! Your class has so reinvigorated me! I fee like I'm really coming out of this plateau and seeing changes that I have been missing for the last few months! Thank you!!! Also thank you for being a bomb personal trainer back in the day and really teaching me how to properly do things! That I'm FOREVER grateful for!

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